Saturday, December 22, 2012

The day after the end

Well, good morning. Since I woke up today, I'm assuming you did as well, and that the world has not ended.


Since things are moving on, I should get moving. It felt great to sleep in a bit this morning then spend some time surfing before heading to the shower. Being home when the sun is up is a pleasure, though it does tend to accent the dust.

Little things on the agenda today - pulling nails and spackling holes, emptying bookcases and shifting around stuff in the studio. A good pot of coffee, some Christmas music on the sound dock and puttering: a recipe for a perfect day.

Later on I may need to venture out into the cold. And cold it is, reaching only fifteen degrees now, at nine a.m. We won't even double that reading today.

I've a feeling groceries can wait until after church tomorrow.

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