Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quiet Sunday afternoon

There's nothing like a one hour Sunday "nap" that turns into a two hour hard sleep, complete with nightmares. I must have needed the sleep, but it's a toss up as to whether or not it was restorative.

Lazy day. The painters are not coming until Thursday, rather than Wednesday, I found out yesterday. I promptly quit my preparations and decided to not do much of anything by way of moving stuff today (see previous note re: nap).

After church I wandered over to Joann's to get fabric for a sick little boy's quilt, plus some ribbon and various other little things for small projects I'd like to whip out this week. The parking lot was crowded, as it usually is when they issue some of the bigger value coupons (though what good is "40% off one regular price item" when everything is on sale? My coupon saved me all of $1.40 on a $3.50 item, rather than being applied to the three and a half yards of $9.29/yard fabric that was already on sale - at 30% off. And what's with Joann's second run quality quilting cotton being priced at such a ridiculous amount anyway? If I'd had time, I could have run to the quilting store and bought first quality fabric for about the same price).

But I digress...

What astounded me was the number of people buying supplies for crafts for Christmas gifts. I'm not sure if they are hiding gaggles of elves in their attic, ready to slap those crafts together in the next forty-eight hours, or if they are simply deluding themselves. Perhaps they meant crafts for next Christmas?

Tonight I'll slowly sort through the sewing stuff that has come to roost in the dining room, courtesy of the charity quilt project. It needs to be neatened up so that a few of the living room things and a bit of the sewing studio boxes can be neatly stacked during the painting. After Friday, I can finally begin to set up the studio, moving all the sewing stuff into its rightful place.

Not to mention freeing up the dining room for guests.

The Sound of Music is up for its annual airing tonight. I seem to always miss the beginning (I forget that it is on) and the ending (they insert so many commercials I doze off before it is over); maybe I can catch the whole thing this year.

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