Sunday, December 30, 2012


Slowly, oh so slowing things are returning to normal. The loft is almost completely done - I've a file cabinet that I can't (shouldn't) move alone to shift, and a cedar chest to move to another wall.  The bedroom is mostly done - the dresser needs to go against the wall and everything needs dusting. But it is ridiculously warm up here. It's very cold outside, so the heat runs more often. When the heat runs, the heat rises into the loft and bedroom. Honestly, you could wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt up here and still be on the warm side.

Downstairs, the outlet plates are on in the living room, and one quarter of the curtains are back up. I'll poke around down there a bit more tonight (at least get the patio curtains up and that corner vacuumed, so I can get the television moved back and set up). 

The sewing room hasn't been touched, though I did piece an entire quilt top at the dining room table during the two days the guys were painting. 

This is a view of the sewing studio from the kitchen. The light is coming in from the south-facing patio doors that cover three quarters of that wall. To the left are the closet doors.

This looks very blue, but in reality, there is just a little bit of green in the color when you see it in person - just enough to move the color to the outer fringes of a blue teal. (I'm a quilter, this is how I describe color). Anyway, just looking at the room makes me happy. 

The sample of the fabric I'd like to use for a valance arrived in yesterday's mail, and it is pretty much perfect. It's also not cheap. I need to sit down and do the math and calculate exactly how much of it I will need. 

The rest of my vacation may be spent putting the house back together. Not quite what I anticipated, but I'm sure I can find time to do some other fun stuff as well.

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Mouthwatering. :)