Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesday already

Really, time needs to slow down. These vacation days are slipping away.

Okay, maybe not slipping...hair appointment, canasta, reunion, church, fireplace cleaning, oil change, trip to Joann Fabrics...I guess there have been things going on.

The trip to the fabric store was rewarding, if a bit frustrating. They've rearranged and expanded the store since the last time I was in (well over a year ago), making finding the two things on my list a bit problematic. On the other hand, I found a half price, flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth to use as a design wall, eliminating the need for buying flannel to make one (and the tablecloth was cheaper). The clerk not only knew where the small adhesive sandpaper dots were (stuck on the underside of an acrylic ruler, they keep it from slipping all over the fabric), but she went and got some for me.

As well she should. She had cut a sale fabric for me, not telling me until after she cut it and handed it to me that it was a "red tag" fabric, therefore not eligible for coupon discounts, nonreturnable/all sales final. Did I mention that the "red tag" price was still $9 a yard? Not that I would have passed it up; I only needed a yard for a small project. But still. She knew I wasn't too happy at receiving that information after the fact.

So - to the Farmer's Market this afternoon? Thinking yes, then to Aldi afterwards, if I can find my list. Or maybe not, as the patio is both sunny and warm, two things that are going to be in short supply for the next six months. Maybe I should sit outside and read? The grocery list will still be there tomorrow. And the market is open on Thursday afternoons as well.

Contrary to expectations, I've actually done some work in the sewing room, consolidating the boxes of decor into one bin for storage, breaking down a few other boxes and taking some stuff upstairs. I can actually see about a third of the floor, maybe a bit more. The boxes of fabric, which I need to look through prior to Thursday's class, are still behind a shallow layer of other stuff, so I will be back in there again tonight or tomorrow.

Not the most exciting vacation, but fun for me.

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