Monday, October 15, 2012

Sleepy blogging

It's well past my bedtime, but it's also been a few days since I've posted. Just busy...

I had to make a last minute eye doctor appointment. One contact lens had been making me crazy all weekend - so much so, I never put them in on Sunday, but wore my red "Sarah Palin with a hipster edge" glasses to church. And to work today. As it turns out, it was a tempest in a (wrong one in wrong eye) teapot. Cue utter mortification. My eye guy claims he's done the same thing.

Yeah, but I bet he didn't freak out thinking he was going blind.

Follow that up with a frustrating, annoying trip to what used to be my old grocery store. Honestly, why won't the management either open more checkouts or put bag boys on the lanes when every line is four or five people deep? I came pretty close to abandoning my cart about twenty minutes into the check out experience.

Didn't, though. I had offered a month or so ago to help with the treats for the women's group if Amy ever needed it - she asked Sunday if I could bring stuff for Tuesday. The group has grown to over twenty women, and that's without some of the regulars. So I made pumpkin bread (from a mix), have some garlic hummus (if we all eat it, we'll be fine), assorted cheeses and crackers.

Because I'm crazy, I also made a pound of deviled pecans. The craziness isn't the difficulty of the recipe (couldn't be easier), but the price of pecans. Holy cats, I could buy a young pecan tree to plant for what I paid for a pound of pecan halves.

In addition to the women's group and the demonstration by America's Test Kitchen, I'm making a trip back out to the quilt store on Friday. I'm the new owner of a gently used (it was the shop demo machine) Bernina 830. The 830 isn't going anywhere; this particular machine was part of a special limited edition, with a special commemorative face plate. It's a full function embroidery machine as well as a quilting workhorse.

Oh - and it is a superlative regular sewing machine.

But it doesn't do mending. Uh-uh, no sir, no mending. The screen flashes "operator error" if you try to mend anything.

So busy week. Lots to do at work as well. Dinner with a friend Saturday night, and I think I'm having people over for lunch on Sunday.

Too bad I just came back from vacation; I think I need another.

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melissa said...

Whoosh..............thar she goes!!!

As to the eye thing. Have put them in the wrong eye before as well, AND had the eye doctor tell me so. And, yes, I felt like and idiot too.

Chill out when you can, sweet thing. :)