Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speaking of coffee...

Every so often I take a walk on the wild side, and have a cup of coffee with dinner. Caffeine doesn't generally bother me...except on the rare occasions when it does.

Like tonight.

It may not be late for most people, but for me, on a work night, this is the equivalent of staying up well past midnight.

So, a mini brain dump in a effort to at least start winding down the mind:

At long last the supply list for the quilt class I'm taking the first week in October has arrived. I spent some time at Connecting Threads tonight, picking out the base fabrics for the quilt. Turquoise and lime green, with a shot of violet.

What? It works.

I abhor packing lunches. From now on, I think I need to do it before dinner instead of after. If I wait, I'm likely to think "Eh - do it before you go to bed." Half the time that really means "scramble around in the morning grabbing everything". Since I plan meals and snacks for the entire day at least 24 - 48 hours ahead of time, I'm at least working from a list. But still...even cute plastic containers and silicone muffin cups for things doesn't make the chore any easier.

Celery is only tolerable when cooked in soup. Until now, when I've realized that it's pretty good covered in peanut butter as well.

I love the local high end grocer (the selection, not always the prices). The other night I asked a random young stock boy where the fire roasted red peppers (jarred) and the canned pumpkin were, and he knew immediately. Their produce is wonderful; while the prices are scary, I save quite a bit by not having to toss out things that turn quickly. I do wonder though...the last container of blackberries resembled ping pong balls in berry size. Odd.

The peppers are for a dip - add a little bit of cream cheese, sunflower or pumpkin seeds and basic seasonings and run through the food processor. It sounds wonderful - we shall see.

Please excuse the food obsession.

The bedroom window is OPEN. It is supposed to go down to fifty tonight; I can't wait. Nothing like fresh, chilly air for sleeping.

Assuming I ever do get to sleep. Better at least try...


melissa said...

Two things....add some black to those quilt colors and you'll be Amish! celery and p'butter. Really love most everything with p/b.

Hope you can rest well. Really do. :)

Robbo said...

Lunch packing while making dinner might not be a bad idea. If I leave for later, I often let it slide until oh-dark-thirty the next morning, when the mere thought of food is repellant to me. Half the time I wind up just going without lunch at all.