Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why did the peacock cross the road?

I'm not sure, but he should know better than to try to cross National Avenue at mid-block at 6:18 in the morning.

The sun was in my eyes, but it looked like a black garbage bag was sitting on the center line about a block ahead of me. Two seconds later I slowed drastically, as I realized the "black garbage bag" was actually a peacock. A live one, looking around with a "where the heck am I?" look on its face.

When I stopped laughing, I pulled over and called it in. The sheriff's deputy who took the original call was a hoot - he was very concerned about whether the bird was in West Allis or West Milwaukee, as he wanted to make sure he routed the call to the correct jurisdiction.

The West Allis cops are contacting the zoo, assuming it's an escapee. Given how far from the zoo the bird was spotted (and the fact that the zoo is very good about keeping wings clipped), I have a feeling someone in the area is missing an exotic pet.
It made my day.

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