Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too hot to fish, too hot for golf

and (to paraphrase the song a bit) much too hot at home.

To escape the heat, fellow blogger (and sweet young lady who was a friend long before she became a fellow blogger) Holly and I headed out to Starbucks for yummy drinks and soul-refreshing conversation.

Just one side note: This particular Starbucks seems to be the coffee stop of choice for all of West Milwaukee's finest. We must have been there over shift change; no fewer than eight different officers came in while we were there.

Holly and I talked of many things...of shoes (truly) and ships (well, friendships) and other things, though no cabbages and kings.

Why yes, my coffee was decaf; why do you ask?

It is always a pleasure to spend time with Holly, to see what a gracious woman God is growing her into.

In other news, both the faucet and the stove were nicely fixed when I got home tonight. I need to call and thank my landlord - it's sweltering in here, and I know it couldn't have been pleasant to mess around.

The catch, of course, is that now that all four burners light easily, it's too darned hot to cook. But you all are invited to dinner when it cools off - early October would be good.

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