Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spoke too soon

Remember this post, specifically the comment about the knobs on the stove? I thought I was safe; last night, all four burners worked nicely, with the knobs I bought years ago.

I should have known better.

A little post-it note sat on my stove: Diane, try these knobs if you like.

There sat four of the ugliest, oldest fixture knobs I've ever seen. Attached to my stove.

No, I most emphatically don't like.

Two real safety concerns actually outweigh the aesthetic. One, the knobs stick out just far enough past the edge of the stove that it is possible to accidently turn on the burners if you lean against the front of the stove. Two, there is absolutely no way to tell by looking at the position of the knobs whether or not a burner is on. If you have several pans on the stove at once, this is an issue.

And yes, this ungrateful snot hates the way they look, too. The good news is that the (much newer) old ones are sitting on the counter, and I can put them back. The secondary issue here is that I've very specifically told Pete on more than one occassion that I want to know BEFORE he goes in to my apartment to do anything - at least 24 hours in advance, as a matter of fact. I knew he was going to be there Tuesday, but both issues seemed to be fixed as of Tuesday night, and he never let me know he was coming back in today. Apparently I'm being punished for my first night out in weeks - I was out late, and didn't get a chance to call him last night, or this could have been avoided.

Better go call him now.

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