Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Wonderful Night's Sleep Thursday Three

Via Terry, but really from Jim:
In honor of losing an hour of sleep this weekend, I [meaning Jim] propose The Wonderful Night's Sleep Thursday Three:

1. Do you sleep on a feather pillow or foam?

2. Do you like a firm or soft mattress—or other if you're an old hippie?

3. Do you keep it cold and sleep under lots of cover, or hot and only a sheet?

There you go now--slip on your flannel jammies or that naughty scrap of silk that I like so much and go figure your responses.

YAWN. Oh, sorry. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back to bed.

1. Not-quite really foam pillows I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I used nice feather pillows for years, but my allergies eventually got the best of me. The new pillows aren't as stiff as regular foam and are hypoallergenic. While there's no room in the bed for a body pillow (twin bed, because the almost 9' x 9' room isn't big enough for much else), I do need a second pillow to hug ever since I gave up stuffed animals.

2. Firm, thank you. Otherwise I have dreams of drowning in quicksand.

3. Cold. It's easier to throw off a quilt or two if I get warm than it is to get up and adjust the thermostat. Since it's forecasted to warm up this week, I took one layer of quilt off of the bed when I changed it last night. I'm down to sheet, blanket and over-sized (full size quilt on a twin sized bed) quilt. Still needed to throw an additional quilt over the top last night, though.

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