Thursday, March 22, 2007

Read this quick, I have things to do T3

Terry has things to do, so...

Down and Dirty Thursday Three
Okay, no time for long-windedness and literary flourishes--answer these questions, NOW!:

1. What are you supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW? (Aside from answering these questions, of course.)

2. How long is it going to take you?

3. What do you have to do after that?

1. I should be pushing and pulling these numbers until they agree with those numbers, assuming no one else tried to hide their numbers in my accounts. We call this "reconciling", and it is supposed to inspire confidence in the results the Finance Department publishes.

2. As long as it takes. The important things are reconciled monthly; what I'm working on now are low-priority, low-activity things that still have to be done. My head is all stuffed, so this is a good project for today. Of course, the instant I start to make progress, someone will have a reason for me to stop and work on their emergency, or one of my other projects.

3. I have several tax things I could be working on, as well as notes from a meeting to type up. This is my slow time in the accounting cycle, so it's a lot of this and that, with some of the other thing thrown in to keep it interesting.

Good grief, even I'm bored reading all that. You'll just have to take my word that it's not always this dull. Sometimes we get to listen to crazy guy outside who just yells very loudly for the joy of yelling.

I know how he feels.

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