Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday morning blues

Folks, it's going to be 78 degrees here this afternoon. In Wisconsin. In March.

Here I am, stuck indoors, not having slept well, coughing like crazy and with a headache comprised part from sinus issues and part from the unceasing pounding of the concrete-breaker-upper monster machine operating outside our windows. Not to mention a stack of work I'm currently avoiding.

Feel sorry for me.

Well, not that sorry - Friday afternoon, when it was 60+ out, I did take an impulse half day of vacation. The afternoon's amusements included the $5 haircut experience, which I may detail later. Saturday's 25th wedding anniversary party for friends was fun, and except for the ultimate ending, lunch with Holly on Sunday was wonderful. There was the coughing fit in the middle of the church service, but even that turned out well. The only places to go when you leave the sanctuary are downstairs (where the nursery-age kids are crawling around) or outside. Since the door was propped open, I opted for outside. I sat on the porch of the church in the sunshine, and by leaning back a bit, could clearly hear the sermon (and freely cough when needed without disturbing everyone).

Back at it, I suppose. Maybe we'll all go out for some fresh air at lunch, and collectively forget to come back.

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