Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's moooovie time!

Wait...wrong barnyard do you phonetically spell out the sound a hog makes?

Yes, Pam and I went to see Wild Hogs this afternoon. The short review: two thumbs up.

We were a few minutes late, and the theater was jammed (and this was the 1:25 show). The four stars work well together, and the script was funny without being forced, with a refreshing lack of foul language. The mid-life crisis storyline is hardly original, but the treatment is light, fun and engaging. We were constantly chuckling or guffawing at something. You'll recognize a lot of the supporting characters (forgive me, I forget names, but remember faces): the woman who plays Jordan in Crossing Jordan, nurse Sam's boy from ER, one of the doctors from Scrubs, Marisa Tomei and Ray Liotta. There is a surprise cameo near the end that had everyone in audience gasping; it was absolutely perfect.

All in all, well worth the trip out on a cold and grey day.

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