Thursday, March 01, 2007

Down under version of the T3

Many thanks to Kitchen Hand for this!
1) Here, it is the first day of autumn - Wednesday Thursday 1st of March. However, in some parts of the world, the new seasons do not arrive until the 19th of the month, or later; due to large cattle breeds called solstices and equinoxes that issue huge amounts of methane, which increases global warming and makes the seasons run late. Question: what is your favourite season, and why?
There is a single day in spring when the air smells fresh and clean, the sun shines and the trees are budding. After that, it all turns to mud and rain. Except for that one day, I'd say autumn is the best. I even like the stretch after the leaves all fall off and it gets colder, but before the first actual snow.

2) When you started your weblog, did you deliberate over whether to choose a nom-de-blog or use your real identity? What swayed you either way?
It had to be something I would remember, which limits things. The actual blogger name is part of a name I use on quilt-related chat boards and such. I felt conflicted between wanting to be able to be found, but not necessarily easily found. I try not to say anything here I wouldn't say to someone I know if we were talking face to face.

3) Discussing religion, politics or sex has always been impolite at cocktail parties, because of the risk of embarrassing face-to-face arguments. However, this is not a cocktail party, but a blog. And since the whole point of a blog is to have robust discussions, make a comment on the first thing that comes to your mind about religion, politics or sex. Pour yourself a martini first, if it helps. Don't forget the olive.
One I'll discuss without having had a martini, one I will discuss after several martinis, and one is no one's business but mine. You decide which is which.

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