Friday, March 16, 2007


Only half an hour or so until the start of the weekend. They are never as busy as Terry's seem to get, but then again, I don't have five other people clamoring for my constant attention.

Target is first up tonight, for sunglasses, among other sundries.

Saturday is blessedly clear of preplanned events. I need to start some deep cleaning, as I'm having a group of people from the new church over for a dinner on the 31st. Don't want to scare them away - that can wait until they know me better. Sewing, reading and other paperwork are also on the schedule.

A dear friend is singing the special music at her church Sunday, so I said I'd come. I still need to make a stop at Milwaukee Bible before Sunday School, so it's going to be a bit of a rush. Later in the afternoon I'm meeting someone else for coffee. That has to be over by four as the friend has another commitment.

If nothing blows up, it should be a relaxing weekend.

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