Saturday, February 03, 2007

The world no longer revolves around me

...and that's a really good thing. The dizziness has mostly abated; I still feel as if I should move my head fairly slowly for fear of a return ride on the tilt-a-whirl. Next week I'll make a doctor's appointment - although I have none of the other symptoms, this may be connected to a sinus infection.

No comments about me being full of snot, please.

In spite of the insane cold outside and the lethargy inside, I've met a friend for coffee, done my grocery shopping, located some backing fabric for a quilt (I had to go through every fabric bin in the house - including the ones in the closet - to find it), done some measuring of quilt tops awaiting quilting, watched disc one of seven of a PBS series on the Civil War, did a load of laundry, thawed and cooked some chicken breast to use for chili and picked up a bit.

No time for a nap; I'm meeting someone else at Borders at 6, to talk for a bit then go to dinner. Want to bet I'll sleep all afternoon tomorrow?

If you enjoy documentaries, I highly recommend this Civil War series, directed by Ken Burns for PBS. Ninety percent of the on-screen shots are still pictures from the era and newspaper headlines, interspersed with shots of those locations that still exist today. Listen carefully to the actors doing the voice-overs for the various historical figures; the voice cast is a who's who of Hollywood and literature, yet they are in no way distracting. The narration weaves itself in and out of diary entries, letters, public speeches and newspaper accounts, giving a first-person urgency to events almost 150 years past.

I'd better start getting myself ready to go out. The million-plus layers needed to feel even marginally warm outside today take a bit of time to put on.

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