Sunday, February 04, 2007

One more reason I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore

A friend and I braved the cold to have dinner (and the perfect Perfect Margaritas) at Appleby's last night. One of the local high schools held their annual Sweetheart Dance that night, so it didn't seem strange to see a group of about five dressed-to-the-nines high school couples come in for dinner.

The girl half of the last couple to arrive was wearing a darling spaghetti strapped, mid-knee handkerchief hemmed black chiffon dress and cute silver sandals.

What she wasn't wearing was a coat.

Folks, the temperature never rose above zero yesterday. By the time they would have left the dance, it was 9 below with wind chills in the negative thirty range.

One can only hope that a limo dropped them off at the door, and would do the same for the rest of the night. I don't mind suffering for fashion every so often, but I draw the line at frostbite.

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