Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's cookin'?

From Kitchen Hand, via Possumblog - the general decline of cooking skills worldwide.

So, Gentle Readers, do you know your roast from your rutabaga? Do you know the difference between braise and broil? Can you whip up a white sauce without a cookbook? From whom did you learn to cook; are you self-taught? Have your cooking habits changed with the years? Inquiring (OK - nosey) minds want to know. Leave your responses (and/or recipes)in the comments.

I'm old enough not to have had many "convenience foods" growing up; TV dinners were a novelty. Between my mom's example, a jr. high home economics course and my ability to understand almost any written directions, I've done quite well with cooking from scratch. The drawback, of course, is cooking for one; some recipes/meals reduce well, others don't. All too often I find myself in line at the drive-through, or perusing the already-cooked entrees at the grocery store. Maybe that should be next week's challenge: plan and prepare a full week of made-from-scratch dinners.

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