Monday, February 12, 2007

It's the little things that make me happy

A co-worker and I are having our new computers installed this afternoon. After some initial issues (no one consulted us before the units were ordered) with type of CPU and monitor size, the new machines are in, fully loaded with software and ready to have our data migrated.

It's not the new desks we were promised, but that's a whole different story deserving a post of its own.

I may go buy a new mouse mat to celebrate.

Update: The one piece of software I really need to be working isn't. The one piece of software my co-worker needs to be working on her machine isn't. They brought the 17" monitors instead of the 19" (three different IT people had conversations on this, and none of the three actually ordered them). They are coming back today to figure everything out.

Did I mention this is my crunch time of the month? Well, at least the basic funtions are working.

Update #2: The IT people now have near-godlike status. They have resolved all the issues; software I should have had access to four years ago is now working, and playing well with others. Now if I could just resolve the operator errors I kept running into this afternoon...who knew you could hide an entire workbook?

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