Sunday, February 18, 2007

Since real racing doesn't start until April 8th

I'm going to settle in and nap in front of watch the Daytona 500 (any napping will be purely accidental). I'm curious as to how Toyota will do, and want to see if Juan Pablo Montoya does as well in NASCAR as he did his first year in Champ Car (did I mention the season doesn't start until April 8th?), when he won the championship.

Update: Mark Martin was robbed. You hate to see races come down to a restart with just a couple of laps to go - it sort of negates all the hard work put in the 198 laps prior. It comes down to luck and positioning: with aerodynamics the way they are, you really don't want to be the leader coming into the restart.

Note to my NASCAR-loving friends: I really don't dislike it quite as much as it seems. But save Friday, August 10th so you can come up to Elkhart with me. We'll stand trackside in the cool northwoods, listening to the birds sing sweetly - until a 750+ hp Champ Car comes screaming down the track at better than 180 mph, braking down to 30 for the sharp left-hand turn up the hill. Paddock & pit access is included with admission on Friday ($25 total the last time I was there), so we'll wander a bit, see which drivers are available for a chat, and hope to catch sight of (car owner) Paul Newman or the legendary Mario Andretti. You'll be a convert in no time.

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