Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vacation is over...

So how did I do on the list? Not too badly, although I'm not entirely sure where all the time went. Lots of sleeping (I spent the first three days sick, just laying on the couch), lots of time with friends, projects taking more time than I expected, reading without having a time limit - stuff that can't be readily quantified.

In reverse order of both fun and priority:

- Thoroughly clean one room a day. This is the big, once-a-year cleaning. So, I only pulled apart two rooms, but did do the regular cleaning for the rest. The house actually looks pretty good (even when the sun shines in!)
- Do the same for the pantry.
- Sort through ALL clothes, dealing with them as appropriate.
- Wash all washable curtains. Vacuum the drapes.
- Polish the silver (I actually enjoy doing this - strange, but true).
Financial/paperwork stuff:
- Input/update Quicken
- Balance any bank statements hanging around
- Prepare and enter a 2007 budget
- Close out 2006 (obviously not until next week)
- Back up files
- Put new insurance card in wallet (I said this was detailed)
- Submit final 2006 flex reimbursement
- Start new data table for 2007 Christmas cards
- File the "file pile"
- Go through file cabinet and have a shredding party
- Pull year end retirement statements and update spreadsheet
Software/electronic stuff:
- Call support for Acrobat(won't run, won't delete and won't update)
- Figure out what's up with ipod It really is a hardware problem and it needs to go in :^(
- Order printer ink
- Fix antenna for the stereo
- Continue loading church directory info into the Palm
Miscellaneous other paperwork & stuff:
- Thank you cards
- Mail thank you cards
- Needles to Janis ( I haven't forgotten!)
- Get more stamps
- Hang picture from Mom
- Renew library card
- Take mason jars to Goodwill
- Take old paint to city yards
- Cook for freezer?
- Put together cookie jars
- Work on both Bible studies
Quilting projects:
- Put final borders on Civil War and Irish Chain quilts
- Piece backings for Civil War and Irish Chain quilts
- Finish quilting, bind and wash Pam's runner
- Press top of 1930's quilt
- Find and piece backing for 1930's quilt
- Layer 1930's quilt
- Quilt 1930's quilt
- Quilt, bind and wash 1930's quilt BEFORE Kara goes back to school
- Quilt OTHER 1930's quilt Close enough to done to call this one
- Applique winter sweatshirt
- Make totebag for Grace
- Mess around with quilting software - design quilts to use up fabric stash
- Just sit and go through quilt books
- Put together scrapbook of fall cabin trip
Fun people/stuff:
- Meet people for coffee/lunch/movies/shopping: Debbie, Grace, Renae, Elyssa, Connie, Joy, Betty, Patty, Georgianne, Holly
- 40% off all fabric at QS in Genosee - Woo hoo!
- Go explore Trader Joe's again
- Have group over to play games

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