Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Fortunately, with age comes discretion and I don't plan to post my age.

Considering that I had to come back to work today, the day is still shaping up nicely. A co-worker from another department had left a card on my desk, I got a couple of e-mail greetings/cards along with an invitation to lunch later this week, and a dear friend is taking me out tonight.

Holly had them all beat, though, by unexpectedly giving me a sweet card and treating me to lunch Saturday - thanks, Honey!

There is still the mandatory treat-bringing hanging over me, however. I just didn't feel like baking yesterday, and now can't get to it until Tuesday night (and maybe not even then). People generally don't whine (much) about not having treats on the actual day, provided you bring the treat in sometime the week of your birthday. The true dilemma is what to bring: Do I bring in cookies, and help fuel the sugar high that began with all the holiday goodies, or do I bring in a healthy fruit and veggie tray to signal the end of the holiday hog-fest?

The mob might riot if fruit shows up.

If you feel compelled to sing happy birthday to me, please do, but sing quietly out of compassion respect for the people around you.

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