Thursday, January 25, 2007

T3 - Funny Foibles version

From Terry -
After my previous inquiry regarding any readers who might have a crumbling-crackers-in-soup habit, it seemed that there was sufficient interest in other sorts of bizarre behaviors to merit their inclusion in this week’s “My, Aren’t YOU Odd!” Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

As always, we ask a series of three questions and expect you to answer them in as forthright and expeditious a manner as possible, although I do want to remind readers in other time zones or hemispheres that the questions do not necessarily have to be answered on Thursday. BUT, do please either leave your answers below, or a linky-link to your very own blog as you ponder the following:

1) Do you have any peculiar rules about the foods you eat? Not stuff like religious dietary restrictions, but stuff like having to have the crusts cut off your PB&J sandwiches, not having the peas touching the carrots, having to eat foods in a particular order--stuff like that.

2) What about your personal grooming? Do you have a particular way of brushing your teeth? Do you have to always put on your left sock and shoe, then the right? Tell us please!

3) Have you ever embarrassed yourself with the public display of any of your peculiar habits? Details appreciated, of course!

1. Considering how it comes out, I'm not too picky about how food looks or in what order it goes in. There is the M & M thing - only with regular (not peanut) ones, though. I sort them out in groups with one of each color. When I run out of one color, I make groups with the rest and so on until I have a few of one color left. I eat them in the reverse order.

I started this in junior high - no idea why. And I don't do it in public.

2. Contacts go in right, left. They come out left, right. In both cases I use the hand on the same side of my body as the eye I'm dealing with...just realized that. It's a good thing the prescription in each eye is pretty close to the other.

3. Avoiding embarrassment is my life's work, and I try hard to keep personal foibles out of the public eye. It seems to be working, or maybe it's more that people have gotten used to the odd things I do and don't make a big deal of it?

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