Thursday, December 14, 2006

it’s the pre holiday –Santa Possum is too busy to shop—

Jim Smith is hosting the T3 this week (Santa Possum is loaded down with work), so go over and say hello and play along!

Well! What do ya do? I suggested the three was finished with finals and already headed home. Not good enough, so here goes with the best/worst edition of the three. You can answer the best or the worst or both—or not at all I guess.

Any way here it is:

1. Best/worst Christmas/holiday party you have attended?
2. Best/worst religious Christmas/holiday activity.
3. Best/worst gift--given or received?

1. A dear friend hosted a New Year's party for a number of years - she is the type of hostess who makes everything look effortless, makes everyone feel at home and makes sure we all have fun. I miss those parties. Work parties are generally awkward (ours is this afternoon), not exactly terrible, but not great, either.

2. I always loved the big, music-filled service the Sunday before Christmas. (I didn't like the rehearsals for the service, though). Things have been a bit different the last couple of years, and I'm finding I'm pleasure in less complicated things.

3. The worst gift received: An electric pencil sharpener from my mom, back when I was in college. I thought it was a joke when I saw the such luck. Best given - theater tickets for my nieces - a number of times. The tickets came with lunch/dinner with Aunt Di (and a ticket for her!). Hey - I needed an excuse to see some of the cute children's programs our local theater performs.

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