Monday, September 25, 2006

Things learned at the department picnic

1. Some of the guys in the office take their grilling very seriously.
2. Wrapping the wet picnic table benches in plastic doesn't prevent damp butts.
3. Hot chocolate made over a camp stove is the best kind. :^)
4. In spite of cold, damp weather none of the beer will be left over.
5. The park service tearing out the bridge on one of the access roads to the picnic site the day before the picnic (and after maps showing that route were distributed) leads to much confusion.
6. When one of the investment managers is the scorekeeper for the sheepshead game, take the pencil away when he starts talking about "redistributing earnings."
7. It's no fun to play Texas Hold 'em with a group of fiscally conservative accountants.
8. It's a lot of fun to play Uno with the same group; the insincere "apologies" for reverse, draw two/four and skip are priceless.
9. It's difficult to take a group picture when everyone keeps moving to be in the back row.
10. Leftovers for lunch on Monday are great.

All in all, a good time was had by most. It was interesting to see who hung out with who(m?), and see who went to swing on the swings. Much better than the picnic last year, when half the group went off to play nine holes of golf in the afternoon. If you want to boost camaraderie, it helps to have everyone in one place, no? The Uno group is talking about doing a lunch hour card game once a month or so. The only drawback is the distance; the brand new Bursar Office is at the other end of campus - as far away from the rest of the Finance Office as you can physically get. Think they are trying to tell us something?

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