Thursday, September 21, 2006

Retro Thursday Three

Terry must be feeling his age - the T3 this week concerns things "ancient and decrepit". For a minute there, I thought it was all about me.

To begin, then:

1) What is the oldest book you own? (Modern reprints of old books don’t count, so don’t say stuff like the Bible. Unless you actually HAVE an old copy of the Bible, in which case that’s okay.)

2) What is the oldest object you have that you still use on a regular basis?

3) What is your favorite old joke?

1. I have a late 1950's copy of Emily Post's etiquette guide. With each passing year (and the corresponding change in what is considered "proper") it becomes more fun to read. I have a few 1930's-ish advertising flyers for quilt kits as well - mini-catalogues of the times.

2. My Maytag washing machine is a minimum of twenty-five years old, and runs like a top. Bob the lonely Maytag repairman has been out a couple of times for minor things, and he said to hang on to it as long as I can - except for a few small parts it is all metal.

3. My brain is too old to remember jokes!

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