Monday, September 18, 2006

It doesn't take much to make me happy

A once-per-decade change in office furniture will do it.

A co-worker and I recently got the go-ahead to order new desks. The ones we have are the old "executive-style" complete with double pedestal, center drawer and faux-wood laminate tops. We both have our monitors and keyboards on the left corner of the desk (we each have side tables that could be set up to hold the computer, but neither of us like the idea of having our backs to the door, LOL). It's the double pedestal that causes the rather odd positions we sit in. Both of us work on our computers the majority of the day (::ahem:: that would be in contrast to other coworkers with "executive-style" desks) and often end the day a bit sore.

The impending arrival of a new desk is inspiring me to spruce the place up a bit. Or at least move to storage some of the prior year records still floating around the files.

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