Monday, June 05, 2006

Refrigerator saga, part two

In the spirit of not jinxing it, I didn't mention that the day after I wrote part one of the great search for a large, top freezer food-keeping unit, my landlady actually ordered two: she liked the one I picked out so much, she ordered one for their place too. (their unit was only slightly newer than mine). Whoo hoo!

They should be delivered sometime tomorrow afternoon. The driver will call about half an hour before they show up; Ora will call me and I'll run home from work. There isn't much in the freezer beyond half a dozen containers of homemade chili, and not much other than condiments in the frig, so it won't take more than two minutes to empty the old one. Shhh- don't tell my co-workers, since I fully intend to take however much is left of the afternoon after the delivery off.

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