Monday, June 05, 2006

Handyman Redux

- The front porch is actually stained! Of course, it was Ora and her daughter who actually did it Saturday early afternoon, and the color is a little...odd...but it is finished!

- The railing on the upper balcony is up! Of course, it's a Pete elected to join two pieces of wrought iron railing for the front of the railing, and joined them smack dab in the center of the span, with no regard for even spacing of the uprights. But it's finished!

- Apparently, Pete is replacing the boards on the back porch today. One can only hope he did indeed finish, since two new refrigerators are being delivered tomorrow, and the back porch into the kitchens is the straightest shot for the delivery guys. If they have to come through the front door, the swinging door between the diningroom and kitchen will have to come off - and once it is off, I don't hold high hopes for it going on (correctly) again.

Two for three is two more than I expected, and there are still four days until the graduation party. Who knows what else will be fixed before then!

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