Thursday, June 15, 2006

A faithful Thursday Three

SkinnyDan is pinch-hitting for the over-worked, tapped out, Volvo-grease covered Terry for this week's T3, and has given us some thought-provoking questions:

1) Are you now a religiously committed person, and have you always been one?

2) Did you come to your faith on your own, or are you simply continuing traditions instilled by your parents/grandparents, etc. (For the non-believers, feel free to describe your absence of faith in the same vein)

3) Have you ever abandoned your faith and its teachings for any significant period of time, or in any significant way?

So be ye Christian, Mohammedean, or Son of Abraham, feel free to answer in ye comments or on thine own blog. Zoroastrians, Arianists, and Wiccans are on their own

1. People always say I should probably be committed, but I don't think that's what they mean. This post pretty well sums up what I believe. How I got there is another story, that I should tell soon. I'm committed, not so much to a specific church denomination, but to the One who is Lord of my life. It's a "who am I" question, more that a "what am I" question, if that makes sense.

2. My faith is considerably different at its root than my parents, although most would call both "christian". I came to faith on my own, or, more accurately, it came to me. Again, more on that at a future time when I'm not trying to squeeze a post in between analyzing spreadsheets.

3. While I've never been a 'wild child", or abandoned my beliefs since I became (a born-again, Bible-thumping, fundamentalist) Christian as a teen, I've had my share of failings. In fact, as I get older and my faith matures, it's the small failings that bother me the most - forgetting to pray for a friend from whom I promised to pray; being cranky( and certainly not exhibiting Christ's love ) to the cashier because I got out of bed on the wrong side; letting my mind wander during a worship service. I will never, ever be perfect this side of heaven, but I need to be mindful to always do and be the best that I can, as Christ's ambassador.

OK - Dan, you've made me think too much for a workday! Everyone else, go visit him and have a good read!

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