Thursday, June 01, 2006

Are all (supposed handy-) men like this?

The one thing my landlady wants her husband to do before their daughter's high school graduation party on June 11th is to paint the front porch. She likes a nice looking entryway, since it sort of sets the tone for the rest of the house.

So, last week Thursday night I came home to the sight of Pete using a sander to strip the remaining paint off of the porch. Wow! He's actually working on it - this may get done.

Friday, I came home and found him using the sander on the (concrete) capitals on the brick pillars that hold up the roof of the porch and the balcony above. Huh?

Nothing was touched Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday night as well there was no discernible activity. When I went to take some garbage out, however, I found Pete working on the back porch steps.

Thursday (tonight) I pulled up out front and saw that Pete wasn't working on the front porch - but all his materials were up on the balcony above the front porch, where he had removed the railing, leaving only the supporting posts at the corners.

So, would anyone like to place bets on which (if any) of these projects is finished before the big open house on the 11th?

My money is on the front porch, although I'm qualifying the bet by saying that he will put the (first and only) coat of stain on the porch the morning of the party.

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