Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday wonderings

  • Why is it that when I need only two items and run into Aldi, most of the city is shopping as well, and there is only one cashier on duty?
  • Aren't there more people like the nice ex-serviceman with the full-to-overflowing basket who asked me if I wanted to skip ahead of him?
  • How come the medicine that is supposed to lower your blood pressure costs so much (on the co-pay, no less) it makes your blood pressure rise? And it's just a water pill?
  • Is there a reason Walmart keeps the temperature in the store hotter than the hinges of hell warmer than a Pennsylvania blast furnace in July uncomfortably warm?
  • Why can't the lab always use Bugs Bunny band-aids for your blood draw?
  • Who in their right minds schedules an hour and half long meeting at the end of the day?
  • Why can't more customer service people be like the little old lady in Walmart who told me where to find the toilet paper and pantyhose?
  • Do they really intend to tie all the loose ends on Alias up into a nice big bow for the series finale?
  • Is it really only midweek?

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