Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The latest measurable snowfall in the Milwaukee area was on May 10th

...back in 1990 (see below). We had something like 6 inches - this was no skim coating that was gone by noon. We have pictures of the trees covered in it. Since then, it's always been the joke that we really aren't out of snow season until May 11th.

So it's no surprise to see this in today's forecast:

Winter storm forecast for state

The tulip blossoms may be doomed.Winter is threatening a brief return to northern Wisconsin in the form of snow, strong winds and temperatures in the 20s, all forecast to hit late tonight and linger through Thursday. Even areas around Milwaukee could have snow mixed in with the coming rain.

"This could be a memorable event given the strength of the system at this time of year," say forecasters with the National Weather Service in Green Bay.

Meteorologists there have issued a winter storm watch for Vilas, Oneida, Florence and Forest counties, in effect from Thursday morning through Thursday night.

The storm moving toward the Great Lakes is projected to bring strong winds and up to 2 inches of rain to Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin, and the weather service has issued a wind advisory for later tonight and Thursday.

There is some precedent for this type of mid-May blast of winter. On May 10, 1990, six to 20 inches of snow fell in parts of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Go figure. At least all we will get here in the southeastern corner is 2" of rain and wind with gusts up to 50 mph.

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