Thursday, April 06, 2006

Play Ball Thursday Three

Once again, from Terry – a baseball edition of the Thursday Three:

Each of the following three questions have been painstakingly hand-written in the Dominican Republic, and we ask you to either answer them in the dugout below, or post your results on the scoreboard in your own park.

Now then, let’s play ball! [Yes, I realize the foregoing clichéd baseball talk sounds stupid.]

1. Do you really like baseball, or is it just something baffling that some people do?

2. Who are some of your favorite players?

3. What one thing would you change about baseball?

There now--take a swing at those!

I may indeed strike out here - stick and ball sports are not high on my list...

1. It baffles me. The fact that during the few games I’ve attended, the only action on the field has occurred during my trip to the restroom may have something to do with that. I do, however, have a young friend on a baseball scholarship to Trinity International University, and would willingly go to her games to cheer her on.

2. Don’t follow closely enough to know. Although, way back when I met and worked for a time (outside of baseball) with Pete Vukovich (pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers in the years leading up to and including their one and only appearance in the World Series), and I have to say, he was incredibly intelligent, well-spoken and pretty sharp in business. No spitting or scratching in public, either.

3. Ummm, everything? It does seem to go on forever. And move very slowly.

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