Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Drive by post

I have a tuna casserole in the oven and a million other things to do tonight, so this will be quick...

It was nice to be off last week, but I'm actually glad to be back at work. I may have too much to do and coworkers who are a little - strange is too intense a word - unusual, but it makes me feel good and pays the bills.

For as much time as I spent on that silly quilt, it's not as far along as I'd like. I'm going out of town for a good chunk of this weekend, so I think I'm not going to enter the quilt in the show. Why pay the entrance fee if it won't be done in time? And that way, I have the weekend of the show to finish the quilt to take to the quilt guild meeting on that Monday - which is what the quilt is really being made for anyway.

I think I'm being suckered into doing a quilt for a silent auction at work. A coworker had suggested that as a way to build camaraderie, we should hold a silent auction around Christmas, and donate the funds raised to a worthy cause. Departmental staff would donate the items for the auction, giving them the opportunity to share any crafts they do, or donate tickets to their favorite sports team or something similar. Not once, but twice in the all-Finance meeting this morning I heard my name mentioned in connection with donating a quilt. That's what I get for having one hanging on my office wall. Come to think of it, I'm tired of that one; I wonder if they would take one that is slightly used?

Two of my favorite young lady college students are working at camps this summer. Kim is working at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp, where the camp counselors are considered missionaries. Yup, they need to raise a certain amount of support for the summer. She has a special gift for working with kids, and I believe will be working with elementary school age campers. She really felt God calling her to this camp. She had an offer to coach softball for a league closer to home (she is a phys ed major, and this would have been a great thing for her resume), but she knew God wanted her at the Bible camp, where the skills she teaches are for everlasting life, not just until your knees give out.

Renae will be working at the YMCA (?) day camp not too far from here, with the middle school kids. Shudder. That is the one age group I've never worked with, and don't particularly want to. But Renae, on the other hand, really enjoys that age, has worked with them before and will make the summer especially memorable for the kids.

I'm praying for you, ladies :^)

Hmmm, pretty wordy for a drive by. I type pretty fast. But the casserole is out of the oven (note to self: using whole wheat pasta for tuna salad makes the finished product look rather...unappetizing, although it tastes just fine) and the rest of the chores are calling.

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