Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Weekend wanderings

It’s a bit ironic that my last post was about coffee, given that I swilled so much of the stuff over this past weekend.

Saturday morning I grabbed the ipod, Bible, several notebooks and journals and went to Panera early, early in the morning. It is one of my favorite places to go when I want to catch up on prep for Bible study, journal out my thoughts (you didn’t think I’d really put my innermost thoughts here, did you?!) or just sit and listen to The Chronicles of Narnia on the ipod.

Saturday late afternoon I met my College Aged Friend Renae at Starbucks. She had been badgered into coming home for the weekend by another friend, who wanted all umpty million trillion of his friends to be home for his birthday party. It gave us a chance to catch up… three and a half hours worth! It’s exciting to witness what God is doing in Renae’s life, even though parts of it have been painful for her.

Sunday morning Debbie called me early and asked me to meet her for coffee. So off to Panera again. Not quite as long a catch up session as with Renae, but a very needed one. Debbie and I are much of an age, and although our backgrounds are dissimilar, our current struggles are much the same.

The rest of the weekend filled up with “stuff”: laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and the like. A good portion of Saturday was spent sewing while eight episodes of ER from season four played in the background. The 4” x 4” quilted nametag I had to make for quilt guild gave me more problems than some of the more complicated blocks I’ve pieced, but I did get it done. The guild met Monday, and we’ve reinstituted the $0.50 fine if you don’t have a nametag.

Bible study Sunday night was mostly rerun. Jim went back to review the first part of chapter 10 of Romans, and by the time he got up to around verse 18, which is where we left off last time, my self-imposed curfew time had been reached. I’ve discovered the hard way that if I start the work week out short on sleep and unorganized, I never quite get back on track. Hence, my curfew. Jim’s teaching time was severely curtailed this week as it was; the opening stuff ran much too long.

It’s Wednesday already, which means the church-forming group is coming over tonight. We’re looking at the draft constitution – this should be fun.

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