Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Not for the reason you think

Yes, I did post a picture of this quilt back in December. I've posted another picture not for the quilt, but for the walls, so that Carrie can see a sample of my work. As soon as you decide where to start, drop me a line!

The walls are rag-rolled. The background paint is almost flamingo pink (it looked really bright when I put it on - almost thought I'd lost my mind). Then a medium-tan was ragged on, not all over, but in viney sorts of patterns. That was followed by an all over ragging in paint just one shade lighter than the base paint, thinned with water and glazing solution. The end result is a sort of Mediterranean stucco look. Fun and cheap! And given that my walls are 75 years old and plaster, it covers a lot of sins.

Oh - I also rock on straight, one-color painting as well. Jordana, if you weren't in such a time crunch, I'd come help you paint too! Although you should know I don't do ceilings, at least not unless I absolutely have to.

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