Thursday, February 02, 2006

Seasonal Thursday Three

Once again from Terry, a seasonal edition of THE AXIS OF WEEVIL THURSDAY THREE!!

1. What is your favorite season, and why? Fall, without doubt. I've always loved the colors of the leaves, the crispness of the air and the falling temperatures. The fact that I've always enjoyed the start of the new school year probably helps.

2. What is your least favorite season, and why? While I'm not fond of spring (mud season), summer is my least favorite. Heat is not my friend, and I have no central air. Fortunately, July and August are the busiest months of the year at work, and I don't mind at all working overtime in air-conditioned comfort.

3. Daylight savings--pro or con? Con. My daily commute is in an easterly direction right around sunrise in the spring and fall. Just about the time the sun moves enough that you are no longer driving along the freeway in (literal) blind faith that you are still on the road, the clocks change and you're in a mess again. Since the after work commute is generally westerly, I catch it coming and going, depending on which change.

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