Monday, January 30, 2006

Getting friendly

In no particular order, I've begun adding blogroll links to the right. These are good people who write well on a range of topics - go have a look. If you're listed, please don't feel obligated to list me - I tend to lurk and you probably don't know me from the strange cyber-stalker down the street.

Forgive the persistent "edit me" link; I'm still playing around with formatting, and don't trust myself enough yet to get rid of memory aids. (Given that I seem to have permanently mislaid my checkbook somewhere inside my house, keeping the memory aids for html seemed a good idea.)

I'm not at all done with the list. I'm practicing bill-paying avoidance at the moment by even doing this much. Fortunately, I have more checks, a spare register, and an up-to-date register in Quicken. In other words, no excuses to continue playing here!

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