Monday, January 16, 2006

Petty annoyances

Having a day off is good. Having a day off during which a series of little things, all relatively minor annoyances taken individually, add up to a generally annoying day, is not such a good thing.

- I walked out of a quilt store that carries about 7500 bolts of fabric with nothing. It seems Christmas fabric is not in high demand in January. The best time to buy Christmas fabric is in July and August. Go figure.

- The only way to get a new cellphone with my current carrier is to sign a new contract at a minimum of $10 more per month. Plus taxes, that's about $13 per month more for 250 more minutes that I wouldn't use. I'll be using this one until it is well and truly dead. Try my home phone first.

- The machine at Office Depot that cuts the binding off of paperback books and punches holes for the nice, curly spiral ( not comb-type) bindings that allow Bible study books to lay flat (or be completely folded back on themselves) is not only broken, it is beyond repair and they have had to order a new one. No guarantees on when they will get it.

In spite of all this, it was a nice day to be off. The sun shone for a while this morning - a rarity these days. I managed to avoid most housework, but still get some paperwork done before meeting a friend for coffee.

Tonight's project? Searching for a new cellphone service.

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