Thursday, January 19, 2006

I object!

Or protest! Or mildly-disagree!

From Terry over at Possumblog

The Protest Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

The questions this week have been sent from that hotbed of campus protest, East Carolina U, by one of those agitating academics, Dr. Jim.

For some reason, Jimbo seemed to have been in a cranky mood last week when he sent these in. I hope for the sake of the contest, he’s still cranky. Or that all of you are. Or were at some time in your checkered past.

ANYway, enough of that. Take a moment and answer these three questions:

1. Have you ever been involved in a protest?
2. Have you been an active member of a political party and campaign?
3. What was the big movement of your generation?

My answers –

1. Does sending the food back in a restaurant count? I was protesting the degree of crispiness of a grilled sandwich. While I don’t mind a little bit of crispness, I do protest at actual charred flakes of potential carcinogens coating my grilled turkey sandwich.

2. I actively sat in a stopped bus after my bowling league one Saturday night in order to let then-President Reagan’s motorcade speed by. We would have had a party, but we were too busy campaigning to have the bus blow through the road blocks so we wouldn’t miss our next bus connections.

3. My generation was too busy getting business degrees and MBAs to do anything except move up from one model of BMW to another.

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