Thursday, December 15, 2005

More quilts

Learning how to upload pictures may not have been a good thing...
A couple at church had been wanting another child. But time was passing, and it seemed as if they were meant only to have one child, their son. Surprise! God blessed them with twin boys. This is the first of two quiltsmad for them. The center sheep picture is one panel; the borders and flying geese are pieced and added. There is extensive quilting in this quilt, including outlines of all the main components in the panel, curliques for the sheeps' wool and a ton of background quilting.

This next quilt actually belongs to me. Pardon the fuzzy picture; this was taken with my Palm Pilot and it is difficult to hold steady. Two of the fabrics in this quilt were purchased at a vintage shop. One was an indigo; the other, a chambray. According to the shop owner, they were found in the back room of a building that used to be a general store years and years ago. The width, print, feel and weave of the fabrics were consistent with late 19th century manufacture. So this little wallhanging has fabric in it from two centuries (19th and 21st) that are a century apart. The two fabrics are the ones in the blocks in the second row from the top, first and second blocks from the left.

This is the second of the twins' quilts. This was a kit picked up at a shop about an hour and a half from here. The original design didn't have the antenae on it. I think it looks a little more like butterflies with them. Again, this is heavily quilted. There in a curly design in the first yellow border, and a running leaf pattern in the green.

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