Thursday, December 15, 2005


Are you looking at my url, then at my posts, and wondering what's going on? Yes, I'm a Christian; I am also a quilter. I sewed my first clothes at age twelve (skirt and top for my 6th grade graduation party: a hot pink and lime green plaid midi skirt and a lime green peasant top. Ten points if you can guess the year!). The fall after college graduation I took a six week quilting class at Lee Wards that was all hand sewing, but interesting enough to get me hooked. So I've been quilting for...well, let's just say more than half my life.

This is a recent creation (well, from last February, but the film has been in the camera that long). It is a "Four Sisters" quilt from a pattern in one of Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day books. While not the best picture of the quilt, it does have enough contrast to show some of the machine quilting. If you look carefully in the border, you'll see large flowers; in the blocks there is a variation on a four part fleur de lis. Like most of my quilts, this was made as a gift - in this case, for a friend's wedding gift. It's not bed-sized, but rather just the right size for two people to cuddle under while watching a movie.

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