Friday, January 18, 2019


In the next twenty-four hours we should be getting anywhere from four to eight inches of snow. We've not gotten anything other than wimpy flurries since, well, since the last time I put up a post here.

Quick recap of the last several months: Eh.

That really does about cover it.

The impending snowstorm has the meteorologists in a tizzy, since the exact track of the storm will have a major impact on the actual snow totals. The storm is playing coy, and not declaring itself clearly one way or the other. The newscasters are reminding people to drive carefully, brush off the car, turn on the headlights and generally be cautious. All those warnings will go unheeded.

After all, this is the second "first snowfall of the season" this year, and the tradition is that people who have lived in snowy Wisconsin all of their lives suddenly lose their ever-lovin' minds when the first frosty flakes fall.

Me? The snow won't start until later tonight, so on the way home I'm stopping at my favorite pizza place for their incredible Italian sausage sandwich and some breaded mushrooms. I have half a dozen bottles of wine, some new-to-me whole bean coffee and an cute new coffee mug, the ingredients for beef stew with mushrooms, plenty of quilts and a fireplace that runs on natural gas, not electricity. I filled the car up with gas this morning on the off chance I have to leave the house. I'd say I'm ready.

Bitter cold follows the snow. That may be a good thing, as on Monday, I'm having the annual furnace maintenance. Any issues he has with it should be immediately evident.

I plan to spend a good part of the weekend in the quilting studio, in one way or another. i am embarassingly behind on quilting something for a friend, I've a couple of other projects I just want to be done with, and the whole place needs a quick organizational round. I can open the curtains on the patio window and look out at the pretty snow.

That's my plan. What have you all been up to?

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