Friday, October 26, 2018


There are at least three separate posts wandering around in my brain, but none of them are coherent enough to put to pixels. So here is a bit of a Friday brain dump for your enjoyment.

Preachiness - In the last week or so I've watched several television shows and movies that have a very, very preachy tone related to race. The most egregious of the bunch was the most recent episode of the new series of Dr. Who, where the bunch traveled back in time to keep a far-future racist from doing something to stop Rosa Parks from being arrested for staying seated on the bus. Not only is it very pessimistic (the idea that racists would still exist anywhere in the galaxy centuries in the future), we find that the (white and Asian) Dr. Who crew are all proud of themselves because they actually end up on the bus at the right time, and are being part of history by not going to Mrs. Parks' aid when the cops arrest her. I'm watching to be entertained, not preached at.

Mob mentality - How can anyone think that letting this approaching Central American mob into the U.S. would be a good thing? You give in to bullies once, they will keep coming at you. We admit just over a million legal immigrants annually - more than any other nation on the planet. The system we have for doing it may not be perfect, but that doesn't mean you are free to muscle your way in any way you want. And Mexico - what the heck is up with you? Why are you not turning these people away at your border? Why are you letting them traipse through the length of your country - is it that they've promised not to stay, but invade the U.S. instead?

Plant murder - The landscaping company took it upon themselves to cut back my lilac bush, in spite of the fact the HOA was notified last spring that they were to keep their hands off.  This is just the latest of the stupid crap the HOA has allowed. In the spring, they will get a strongly worded letter listing what is not allowed (keep your damn hands off my plantings) and reminding them that I will bill them for the damage if they don't abide by it. I have a sneaky suspicion there is a nosy, bossy, nasty neighbor at the root of this - she seems to think she runs our corner of the complex. Honestly, when I retire, I 'm moving out in the woods where the only people I see on a regular basis are the Amazon and grocery delivery people.

If you don't hear from me - Tomorrow I'm driving to Madison to meet with with a few people I only know in pixels. We are all part of a Facebook group dedicated to fountain pens - the acquisition, use and general love thereof. I used them for a while after college, but recently rediscovered the joy of good writing pens. We are meeting to show off our pens, try out the ones others may have that we don't, trade ink samples and generally have fun. But just in case one of them is an ax murderer, at least you know where I was going.

Pens - I think (well, ok, I know, because I keep an inventory) I have nineteen right now, though I'm planning to sell five of them. There is an incredible variety available in materials, types/metals of nibs and writing style, and it takes a bit to find what suits you best. I've pens made in the U.S. that have steel nibs that perform as well as the sleek Italian import with the gold nib. I've always done more writing than most people, and this makes it even more fun. There are even "capless" pens - retractable fountain pens. Even if you stick to one pen, the variety of inks is staggering. Colors, shading, sheen, shimmer...waterproof, water resistant, made to endure freezing temps, even invisible (black light). So much fun.

Kindles - There are three kindles on my shelf waiting for better homes. All three are Fires, so basically mini tablets. All three have nice cases. All are perfectly functional.Contact me here or email me if interested (7" is the oldest, then an 8.9". lastly an 8").

How the heck is it almost November? I feel like October has both gone on forever and flown by. I need to get my Christmas card order in.

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