Friday, April 27, 2018

Not much to say

It's been two weeks, so I suppose I should say something.

The Alfie Evans thing is breaking my heart. It's one thing for the UK National Health to say they are done treating him, it's another entirely for them to prohibit the family from seeking treatment elsewhere. "We've decided he's going to die, and we are going to make sure he dies!". The core question is one of ultimate responsibility: who is the one ultimately responsible for making decisions for the child? Apparently, the UK believes it's the state, not the parent.

Lest you think "that could never happen here"...I point you to the case of a couple of New Jersey teens who have been suspended from school because they (legally) went to a gun range after school to get in some target practice. What's the connection? Overreach of the government. In this case, the township "enforces zero-tolerance policy for any students who have weapons in their possession, on or off school grounds".

"On or off". Are they planning on searching out every student whose parents are teaching them to shoot, and suspend them? Are they going to tour the local hunting blinds, and slap suspensions on kids hunting with family and friends? It sounds like a very sneaky way to take away rights from the the hopes that as they grow up without guns, they will never go back to the dark side.

The older I get, the more grateful I am that I have not had to raise kids in this world.

In other news, I have the estimate for the closet creation and mini bathroom projects. Sigh. The description of the work is wrong, in several places. This, in spite of the fact that when I asked them to come to take a look and give an estimate, I gave them sheets detailing exactly what I wanted done. My task this weekend is to correct the work descriptions, and send it back to them to be reworked.

Spring is finally here. Naturally, I have other plans this weekend, and can't get to all of the outside stuff I want to do. None of it is particularly hard, but time consuming. It's also supposed to rain tonight, which dampens my enthusiasm (heh) a bit.

Not much else going on around here. How's it by you?

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melissa said...

I get the raising kids part. Sometimes I think I woke in somebody else's place.

Spring here too. Dragged herself here. But really, I prefer the long version of warm and cool alternating. The spring bloomers have lasted longer. Now we're enjoying azaleas. Bulbs done. But such bright green everywhere. So lush, and our yard looks like a delicious salad!