Thursday, March 01, 2018

Things I Love

In an attempt to get back into the habit of writing here more frequently (note I said the habit of writing, no expectations on the quality level of the content), I'm going to play along with Boho Berry's March challenge: writing a daily list.

After all, I have a whole blog category devoted to lists. This should be a snap!

The prompt for March 1st is "Things You Love".
1. Sleeping on high thread count sheets just taken from the dryer (it's against HOA rules to have a clothesline, or I'd let them dry in the fresh air).

2. Daytime summer thunderstorms.

3. Friends with whom you can have sparkling, hours long conversations - or sit in comfortable silence.

4. A good book and a great cup of coffee.

5. Fountain pens and shimmering inks.

6. Working with my hands - cooking, quilting, painting furniture. Immediate results.

7. Opening the refrigerator on Sunday and looking at a stack of lunches already made for the week.

8. Watching the sunrise/sunset.

9. Driving country roads on a spring day, sunroof open, tunes up loud, no set place to be or time to get there.

10. Chocolate custard with almonds.


Chad Hohner said...

I believe I need to start writing again...

Diane said...

Why yes, you do. Doesn't have to be high prose, just enough to get back in the habit. Quality will come.