Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring cleaning

Spring is such a wonderful popping, birds returning...outside winter detritus to clean up.

It's also my busiest time at work, all the way through May 15th. Any "free" time I have is spent either sleeping or taking care of basic things like eating and washing clothes.

It's no wonder cleaning up outside falls to the bottom of the list. I've been telling myself (and others) I want to pressure wash the patio for the last, well, several years. Still hasn't been done.

Then there is the wall of stuff in the parking bay that the previous owners left...a shelving unit, a metal cabinet and a bunch of garden hose. So much garden hose.

I am part of one of those neighborhood list things, that is generally people whining about people on their lawn, spying on every stranger in the neighborhood, or trying to sell things. Every so often, though, it has its good points. A local college student, home on spring break, who has worked summer in landscaping, offered his services to pressure wash, haul garbage or do landscaping.

Seemed like a sign to me.

We met up this afternoon so he could see the job and give me a quote. Bottom line, he's doing the pressure washing, the junk hauling AND the high outside windows for less than some of the quote I got a bit ago from "junk" companies just for hauling the junk. And I have the pleasure of knowing I'm helping a very enterprising young man.

And he brings his own pressure washer.

Big sigh of relief. It's nice to know that when it lets up at work, I can just bring up the umbrella and the grill and get started relaxing. There are still some gardening type things to do, but that falls under "puttering" rather than "work".

Now, the inside spring cleaning...

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