Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In need of a brain dump

Really, truly, I'll get back to thankful before the end of the month. I keep thinking about it, but can't seem to find the time to post. Meanwhile, a bit of a brain dump...

Last week, my newly married cousin's father in law passed away suddenly. By God's grace, the family had been together that evening laughing and playing dominoes, so their last memory is very happy one. It's a shock, of course - by all accounts he was a wonderful man, who should have had years to enjoy his family and grandkids.

Also last week, I found out a dear college friend has had a recurrence of cancer, which means four months of chemo, surgery and radiation. My heart is breaking for their family: just this September their son died after collapsing at football practice.

Even in all this, we can still say God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good. We don't see or understand even a portion of all that is at work around us. This is part of what faith is - believing that God is benevolent and loving, in spite of things that may seem to make us doubt that. 

I did indeed start Whole30, and am mourning the absence of cheese in my life for the next month. I'm also heartily sick of washing dishes, after one day of prep and a day and a half of program. I'll get more efficient, I know, but in the meantime, my hands are all wrinkly from all the dishwater.

The new tax plan is causing fits at work. People keep asking me to write up the impact, and while I do it, it's really a bit of witchcraft. Much like the process of making the law, it seems. While we have the basic outlines, the versions are different, and trying to project any meaningful numbers for our institution is frustrating. All I know for sure is that under the proposed Senate plan, my personal tax bill will go up.

Not finding time to get into the sewing studio, my happy place and the home of the natural daylight lamp. It is still just barely light out, if I come right home from work, but as soon as the sun goes down, my body starts to think about sleep. The only thing that keeps me from going straight to bed some days is the fact that my alarm clock only works correctly if there are at least eleven hours from the present time until the time it is set to ring.

I don't have much of the fall decor out; next week Friday, I decorate for Christmas. Where has the fall gone? On my plan for this last summer was to preaddress Christmas cards, Yup, did not get done. I usually like to mail them a few days after Thanksgiving, or at least by the end of November. Hmm, need to work on that on the long weekend, I guess.

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