Thursday, May 25, 2017

SWAT teams of academia

Seen on Instapundit this morning: U Chicago Students Demand Race-Specific Housing and Requiring ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ to Graduate.

It's staggering to think these students believe they can demand major changes to university programs and facilities, based on racial preferences (so they want segregated housing...isn't that one of the things the Civil Rights movement moved to abolish?).

Yet that is not what caused me to spit out my coffee. This did it: they are also advocating for "revitalization of the Bias Response Team".


Do you see what I see? It seems as if the University of Chicago already has a "Bias Response Team" - they would have to, if this group of students wants to see it revitalized, right?

What, pray tell, does this Bias Response Team do?

Do they rush around campus in a big van, carefully painted in equal sized patches of rainbow colors, to provide the interior of the van as a "safe space" for students who feel marginalized because of perceived bias?

Do they rush to the side of the minority student who has received a failing grade on a test, ready to check the exam questions for cultural bias that would make it impossible for the student to earn a passing grade?

Does the team carry smart phones and tablets, set to immediately social media-shame anyone they judge has exercised "white privilege" or "cultural appropriation", or heaven forbid, a conservative viewpoint?

To my knowledge, nothing this ridiculous has yet invaded my own campus. But it is coming. In our staff meeting this week, we watched a video of a forum with the university president and faculty members. Questions had been submitted in advance, and one of them asked when/if/how upper administration would become more diverse. The president pretty much apologized that the three highest university positions - president, provost and the executive vice president for operations - are all white males.


It is no longer enough to be the best person for the job, if your skin color/sexual orientation/gender fluidity/religion/politics are not "correct".

What the heck is the world coming to?

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